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CodeBlazer Technologies has created the most powerful, yet easy-to-use presentation and media asset management software tools on the market today: UPresentĀ® presentation software and UGatherĀ® media asset management software.

Since 1993, UPresent has helped thousands of people worldwide create stunning multimedia presentations. It is the premier tool for anyone looking to build elegant and effective presentations, integrating hundreds of file formats in a simple interface.

UGather is an excellent tool to manage your growing digital image files. You can quickly import files from your local drive, a CD or external drive. You can store different types of information related to each file, browse and preview your multimedia content database d then select a subset for a multimedia presentation using UPresent.

  • UPresent Announces New Features!
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  • Buy UPresent, Get UGather Pro Free!
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"UPresent is the finest application I have found to build presentations. I can easily integrate digital images, QuickTime movies, I even use their video streaming capability for remote speakers. There are many features not found in any other presentation application."
President, Engineering Company

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